Sushi Yoshi Family Story

Once upon a time, in a far away land was a Japanese father who loved to eat combinations of fish and rice. His name was Sushi Yoshi. In time his family grew and he was blessed with seven sons. He decided to name them after each of his favourite dishes of raw fish and rice combinations, which from that point forward, was known as Sushi.

His sons were named Maki Son, Hoso Maki Son, Sashimi Son, Sushi Son, Nigiri Son, Futo Maki Son and finally Tempura Son. Each son had the temperament and traits that made the sushi varieties so special.

We decided to bring this wonderful taste and culture from Japan and introduce to Saudi Arabia. Starting with the beautiful Jeddah, we have been fortunate to continue to bring Sushi Yoshi’s story and exquisite taste to other cities in the Kingdom, enabling you to experience the many delights that make up Sushi.

Since variety is the spice of life, be sure to keep Sushi Yoshi’s family happy and sample all the dishes attributed to his seven sons. His menu is extensive and you will soon be sure to soon find your favourites!

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