Popular types of Sushi include:

Sushi yoshi Secrets- Nagiri: a small block of sushi rice with a speck of wasabi and a thin slice of a topping draped over it, possibly tied up with a thin band of nori.

- Gunkan: small cups made of sushi rice and dried seaweed filled with seafood.

- Norimaki: sushi rice and seafood rolled in dried seaweed sheets, varying in ingredients and thickness.

- Temakizushi: cones made of nori seaweed and filled with sushi rice, seafood and vegetables.

- Inarizushi: sushi rice filled into aburaage (deep fried tofu) bags.

- Oshizushi: a block-shaped piece, with the bottom lined with a topping and is covered with sushi rice pressed down in the form of a compact, and cut into bite-sized pieces.

- Chirashizushi: a bowl of sushi rice with the other ingredients mixed in.

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