Dining Method

Dining Method The soup:
With Miso Soup (misoshiru) or Clear Broth (suimono), you may use your chopsticks to pick out the solid pieces. Feel free to drink the soup as you would a cup of tea. Slurping noises are not considered bad manners, so have at it.

Sushi and Sashimi:
Pick up the sushi, turn and dip the fish part, not the rice, into the soy sauce and Wasabi, and put the whole portion in your mouth, flipping the sushi so that the fish is on your tongue. Because Sushi is finger food, feel free to pick it up with your hands if you like. Sashimi, however, is not. Only use the chopsticks to eat sashimi.

The condiments:
Eat just a slice of Gari between pieces of sushi to revive your taste. Daikon, the shredded white radish, is for cleaning your palate between different orders. Wasabi is the little green chunk of horseradish paste that some often mix with shoyu as a sauce for dipping sushi. It should be used cautiously however as it is very chili.

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