Sushi Etiquettes

Sushi Etiquettes - Never pass food to someone using chopsticks. If you must share food, pass them the plate so that they can pick from it instead.

- If you take food from a shared plate, use the reverse ends of your chopsticks rather than the ends which go in your mouth.

- Never bite into a piece of food and then replace the other half on your plate. Once you have picked something up you should eat all of it.

- Never leave rice after a meal. Leaving any kind of food is considered rude, but leaving rice is especially so.

- Dipping your Sushi rice-side-down into the soy, letting the soy soak up into the rice, would cause the sushi to disintegrate on its way to your mouth. In fact, the purpose of the soy is to flavor the fish, not the rice. As such, the sushi should be dipped rice-side-up in the soy.

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